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Credit Awareness

nderstanding that the mindset is critical component to changing ones beliefs and habits. The reader will also learn how the Credit System “really” works, so that we can help them rebuild and maintain a High Credit Score. We’ll also look at the factors that play apart in the scoring system. You will learn what to do before you repair your credit report, the different types of scoring systems and how your credit scores are calculated. Readers will learn the credit secrets. Learn about building positive credit and debt elimination, which topics are included in this book. We are excited about bringing this knowledge to you!!!




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Ali Leonard

Under Mr. Leonard’s leadership, FSU has become a trusted leader in the credit industry. Mr. Leonard has worked in the Financial and Real Estate industries for over 21 years. He has worked with Credit Plus Credit System, Memphis Consumer Credit Reporting Services, Novastar (CSA) Credit Services, Data Facts Credit System, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, just to name a few. Mr. Leonard has served on many Community Planning & Development Board Committees.

Mr. Leonard has developed a Credit Awareness Curriculum for Elementary, High School and College students. He has done Credit Awareness Seminars for High Schools, Colleges, Churches and private organization all over the country.

Mr. Leonard is a Board Certified Credit Consultant, Certified Credit Repair Specialist, Certified Credit Score Consultant, FCRA Certified, and FDCPA Certified. Mr. Leonard has built a strong reputation for working with various Federal Credit Agencies, Financial Services, and Real Estate Agencies.

Mr. Leonard is committed to educating and training consumers on Credit and Financial Literacy.




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